PISCO SOUR ::: A bebida do Perú? Vale a pena experimentar, very soft!

Pisco Sour's Recipe

3 Glasses of pisco
1 ½ Glass of sugar
2 Glasses of lemon juice
White of an egg
Shaken ice
Add drops of Amargo Angostura

Preparation: Be prepare the PISCO SOUR only in liquidizer, put the egg white and liquefy once that up some spark add the ice until the middle of glass (this is a secret to get that the drink has a texture very heavy, slowly move it and add the ingredients; but not bitter of Angostura, liquefy until the ice be melt.

If it is necessary add some ice water and rectify carefully the quality of a good PISCO SOUR.
Song: "La Flor de la Canela"